A key conduit to any community’s long-term economic development success is a quality system of public education. New Albany and Union County are committed to this goal, evidenced by the fact that their schools boast some of the highest standardized test scores in the state.

The community is served by two excellent school systems – the New Albany School District and the Union County School District. The most recent Mississippi State Department of Education ratings show all New Albany and Union County Schools were rated Level 5, the state’s highest rating, defined as Superior or Level 4, defined as exemplary. Both systems have completed building programs upgrading their physical facilities in recent years.

New Albany City Schools
Mr. Jackie Ford, Superintendent
301 Highway 15 North
New Albany, Mississippi 38652

New Albany/Union County School of Career & Technical Education
Mr. Earl Richard, Director
203 Highway 15 North
New Albany, MS 38652

New Albany High School
Lance Evans, Principal
John Ferrell, Assistant Principal
201 Highway 15 North
New Albany, Mississippi 38652

New Albany Middle School
Damon Ladner, Principal
Jane Hubbard, Assistant Principal
400 Apple Street
New Albany, Mississippi 38652

New Albany Elementary School
Windy Faulkner, Principal
Kenny Roberts, Assistant Principal
Emily Speck, Assistant Principal
874 Sam T. Barkley Drive
New Albany, MS 38652

New Albany-South Tippah-Union County (NASTUC) Behavioral Management Center
Minerva Graham, Director
915 Denmill Road
New Albany, Mississippi 38652
Ph. 662-538-4100 FAX 662-538-4102

Union County Schools
Ken Basil, Superintendent
Ron Scott, Assistant Superintendent
250 Carter Avenue
P.O. Box 939
New Albany, MS 38652
Ph. 662-534-1960 FAX 662-534-1961

East Union Attendance Center
Ray Kennedy, Principal
Chris Basil, Assistant Principal
Sara Johnson, Assistant Principal
1548 State Hwy. 9 South
Blue Springs, MS 38828
Ph. 662-534-6920 FAX 662-534-6542

Ingomar Attendance Center
Principal, Mark Grubbs
Roben Denton, Assistant Principal
1384 County Road 101
New Albany, MS 38652
Ph. 662-534-5463 FAX 662-534-3624

Myrtle Attendance Center
Nancy Yates, Principal
Justin Hollis, Assistant Principal
P.O. Box 40 / 1008 Hawk Avenue
Myrtle, MS 38650
Ph. 662-988-2416 FAX 662-988-2001

West Union Attendance Center
Jamie Wright, Principal
Matt Thompson, Assistant Principal
1618 State Hwy. 30 West
Myrtle, MS 38650
Ph. 662-534-6745 FAX 662-534-6716