Downtown is the heart of our community. Every downtown has some aspect that makes them stand out from the rest. Ours happens to be the fact that parking in the middle of the street is a common occurrence. In a time where online shopping is the quick fix to the fast paced lifestyle that we all live, the Downtown Shopping District is the better answer. All the stores in the district are locally owned and operated and most of the time the owner is the one that is going to greet you at the door. With a cup of coffee, easy chatter, and a smile, you will get unparalleled personal service every time.

streetscape2Downtown enhances the culture and quality of life in New Albany and is the location for annual events including the Easter Egg Hunt, Tallahatchie RiverFest, Trick or Treat Downtown, and the Holiday Open House. These events are a great opportunity for the people of New Albany to get together with friends and see what their little town has to offer.

Downtown is also home to several parks, including Cooper Park. In early 2001, a downtown anchor was lost in an early morning fire. Van-Atkins Department Store had been a New Albany fixture since 1959 with the building dating from before 1913. After the smoke settled and the debris cleared, a vintage Coca-Cola mural dating to the early 1900s was uncovered on the adjacent building.

The mural has been carefully restored and the area where the department store once stood has been transformed into a tranquil downtown park with the support of many including Van-Atkins’ owners, the Cooper family. The park was formally dedicated in 2002 and named Cooper Park in honor of the family’s contribution.

mainstreet logoFor more information about New Albany’s Historic Downtown, please contact the New Albany Main Street Association at 662-534-3438.