About your car…

You may purchase your new car tag at the Union County Tax Assessor’s office in the courthouse. Call 534-1972 for information. Your new driver’s license may be obtained at the Highway Patrol Office. Call 534-4755 for more information.


You may register to vote by coming by City Hall or the by the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the Union County Courthouse. Call 534-1010 for information.

Trash Pick-Up Schedules…

Regular household garbage and rubbish pick up (which means yard debris and junk) occurs in the city limits weekly. Please call City Hall at 534-1010 to find out the day that pick up occurs for your address. If you live outside the city limits, call 534-1903.


To turn on your utilities (light, gas and water), you will need to visit the NALG&W offices at 100 Cleveland Street, one block North of City Hall. They can be reached at 534-1041. The deposit prices follow:

If you rent:
Electric Deposit $100-300
Gas Deposit $100
Water Deposit $25
Connection Fee $15
If you own:
Electric Deposit $100-300
Gas Deposit $50
Water Deposit $25
Connection Fee $15

** Areas of Union County outside the city limits may be served by other utility providers. NALG&W can advise about the provider for your address.

Television and Internet…

The local cable television and internet provider is MaxxSouth Broadband. They can be contacted at 1-800-457-5351. Other providers are available in the area.