City of New Albany Officials pictured are: (Front Row) Frankie Roberts, Mayor Tim Kent, Johnny Anderson (Back Row) Scott Dunnam, Will Tucker, Jeff Olson, Kevin Dale White and Police Chief Chris Robertson.

full board and chief

Teamwork and efficiency denote New Albany and Union County’s Governmental agencies. The City of New Albany, managed by a mayor/alderman form of government, is committed to providing area residents with professionally managed and cost effective services.

The New Albany Police Dept. is staffed with about 20 full-time employees and is equipped with 8 patrol cars. Fire and emergency services are staffed by 14 full-time employees and 16 volunteers, with 4 pumper trucks and one rescue van. The city has a fire rating of 6. A city planning commission oversees zoning regulations.

Union County is governed by its Board of Supervisors. The Union County Sheriff’s Office employs approximately 30 full-time staff members, including 8 patrolmen.

Union County is served by 10 well trained and equipped volunteer fire departments.

The area is well-served with an adequate water supply, and ample electricity is provided to the county via four distribution systems that are members of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Natural gas is distributed in the county by New Albany Gas System and Pontotoc Gas System .

BellSouth and TDS Telecom are the primary telecommunications providers in Union County with ISDN, T-1 lines, and other advanced telecommunications services available.